Website and Hosting

With your existing website, we will include some important features in any package that can be used along with your existing website in building your client base and help you attract new buyers.

Here at Internet Marketing Strategies (IMS) and what sets us apart from any other LOCAL ADVERTISING company is that we Provide you with a custom lead generation page that is specifically designed to capture your potential customers contact information. This process is very effective and once up and running allows us to use it to create a database for you company so then we can start implementing our email and mobile marketing techniques and strategies to create repeat customers and higher ROI for your business.

Professionally Designed Lead Generation Page (Website)

When you start and use our local marketing services we would have and created a customized lead generation page which will allow us to build an online database of your potential customers. We analyze every part of your business in a marketing stand point and view it as though your customers will view it when designing these pages so that we can get the highest conversion percentage possible. This process is not to take away anything your own website is doing, but it compliments it, in that once a lead is generated through your bran new landing page, lead generation page, we redirect the potential customer to your own current website.  


This process allows us to help improve analyze and make needed adjustments as needed as well as the lead generation page all at the same time. Together we will focus in on exactly who your customers are and where we can find them. It is at this point that the collection of your potential customers information is a key step so that we can help your business grow from email and mobile marketing efforts by using our strategies in advertising. It is proven that by staying in constant contact, high touch, with your customers will create repeated business and so we simply insure that you take full advantage of this.


Fast And Reliable Hosting

We provide you with your own and personal custom domain name by using blazing fast and dependable servers

We can register your own new and customized domain name for your lead generation page to help your business grow. Thus allowing IMS to make changes were needed without ever touching your main business website. We do this by hosting it on one of many state of the art servers to ensure 100% up time during our extensive marketing efforts.





Drive Traffic

We drive traffic to your own lead generation page (website) through your promotions

As soon as your lead generation page, website, is up and running we here at IMS begin the advertising process Our team at IMS will get started in finding your potential customers on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and other social network platforms. The most important fact here is to realize that be driving traffic to your lead generation page with potential customers, is the key to building a large database that you can continue to market again and again.



                                         Building A Database

With this type of traffic you will find potential customers that are interested in your services

Being able to this for your business is probably the most important thing we do here at IMS. The simple ability of being able to push the SEND button and reach your potential customers with new offers and discounts and promotions, is the lively hood of your business of being able to attract more business continuously. At IMS we are too familiar with the importance of building and maintaining and continuously adding to your database. This is very vital to the growth and success of your business and so at IMS we make it the most important part in the process in building a large customer database for you.